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Licensed Massage Therapist / Orthopedic Massage Therapist / Sports Therapist

Let me introduce myself .... My name is Jagoda Rodic and I grew up in the suburbs of Amsterdam. Currently living and working in Amstelveen. Sport, exercise and "caring for" has always played a role in my life. I finally reached a point where I could combine all three of them.


In addition to my personal life experience, I also learned and gained a lot experince in healthcare. I have been working as a Nurse for more than 22 years, of which the last 15 years (until now) at the ER.


20 years ago I wanted to do Sportsmassage but was allready enrolled in the healthcare and just started a family that I decided to put that wish on hold. I absolutely do not regret becoming and working as an (ER) Nurse since it brought me so much knowledge and experience in general. Something I now see as one of my advantages in practicing Massage Therapy.


After I passed my exam in Sportsmassage at the NGS (National Society Sportsmassage), my hunger for knowledge was not yet satisfied. In 2018 I completed a 3-year HBO (college) education in Massage Therapy at Esoterra. During this I have completed a range of extra courses and education. One of these is the Orthopedic Massage Therapy which I followed in Canada and in the US. I had finally found something where I felt completely at place! Even though I am still not done with learning even more....


Massage Therapy education:

Esoterra 3 years HBO (NL)

Niagara Falls (Canada) Orthopedic MassageTherapy

Dallas (Usa) Orthopedic Massage Therapy + examination/certification

Dublin (Ireland); Erik Daltons Mysokeletal: Treating Trapped Nerves

and still going on..